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Ajay is a data scientist and blogger. Ohri graduated from Delhi College of Engineering with a B.E in Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. In addition, he did graduate courses at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is also the author of two books on R and one book on Python.

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  • Tata Motors: Tata Motors is one of the largest Indian automobile manufacturers.

  • GE or General ELectric: General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Business Analytiics: Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Business Analytics is in a way the forefather of Machine Learning.

  • SAP: SAP is a European multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. It is one of the biggest producers of enterprise software in the world.

  • Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is one of the flagship products of excel and has always been one of the key drivers of enterprise analytics and analysis. Almost all small data gathering and analytics is done in Excel.

  • Hypothesis Testing: This is a method of statistical inference. A hypothesis is chosen and tested against the null hypothesis. The hypothesis is chosen if the relationship between the data sets would be an unlikely realization of the null hypothesis according to a threshold probability—the significance level.

  • Gradient descent and gradient boosting: Some specific machine learning algorithms.

  • Pandas, Scikit-learn, PySpark: Popular data science and machine learning libraries in Python.

  • Natural Language Processing: It is the branch of machine learning dealing with fruitful processing of human language.

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